Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Delayed, Un-Delayed, Re-Delayed?

Wow. Let’s just talk about how things are going at the airport. Actually, I’ll just talk (type, rather) and you can listen. I’m currently standing at one of those charging stations to charge my iPad so I can write this blog (you’re welcome). I am waiting to board a plane to take me from San Diego back home to Denver. My flight was scheduled to leave at 1:25, and while en route to the airport, I got a text from Southwest saying my flight was delayed until 2:00. At least they apologized for the delay in the text. Thanks for that, Southwest. Your apology means the world to me. 

I didn’t have a bag to check, because I am just that smart, so I headed right to security. There were two lines; one for priority super special VIP types and the other line was for the remaining plebs. They were not clearly labeled by any stretch of the imagination, and there was not a soul in either line, so I picked one and walked up to the lone agent checking IDs and boarding passes. As I approached him, he informed me that I was in the wrong line and had to go back to the start for the Average Joe Non-VIP line. I turned around, rolled my eyes, walked back to the start and entered the other line. The only difference was that the non-VIP line was one of those winding lines where the ropes made me do about 20 switchbacks BY MYSELF, which led me to GUESS WHO!? The exact same dude. But this time it was somehow acceptable because I EARNED my way to security by waking through the winding rope. Gee thanks. 

After security, I arrived at the overcrowded gate where the sign informed me that the new departure time was 2:20. Super. This time, I didn’t even get an apologetic text from the airline. Ten minutes later, the screen updated to 2:30, and then I received the text about the prior delay to 2:20. Way to keep me posted in a timely manner, Southwest! As I began to accept my fate, when the screens changed back to the original departure time of 1:25, and someone announced that there was a gate change without announcing the new gate. Well, that was a first. I didn’t know it was possible to un-delay a flight. 

However, as I rushed to the line I asked another passenger why we weren’t boarding and he said that the agent at the desk said to ignore “all screens and announcements”and that we would be leaving at 2:20. So my flight went to delayed to more delayed to more delayed to back on time to delayed to the second delayed time. I’m so confused I’m just waiting for someone to tell me what to do. Oh but wait, I’m supposed to ignore what I’m told to do. The new mystery: will Marisa ever make it home? Well, there are worse places to be stranded...

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