Friday, January 9, 2015

I Drank Bath Salts

So, many a time I have forgone buying products at drugstores in Japan simply because I couldn't read the box and therefore had no idea what I was about to buy. My reasoning went as follows: yes, I could attempt to buy Japanese cold medicine, but it’s just as likely I’d leave the drugstore with rat poison. I could also go through a nice game of charades with the pharmacist and leave with the right medicine, but not understand the dosage or the proper time to take it. The one time I did go to a drugstore to buy fiber capsules, I found myself scratching my head in sheer confusion later when I couldn't figure out how many I was supposed to take in a day. Even looking up translations of dietary supplement labels online didn't provide the answer.

However, one product often piqued my curiosity in drugstores. Many times, I saw little different-colored bags with men and women performing various workouts on them. One day, I decided to pick one up and inspect it more carefully. These individually-packaged bags felt like they contained some sort of powder. The only English on the front was the phrase “fine heat ” which I considered a sports-related term. So, eventually I decided to try one. I felt confident enough based on the packaging that it was some sort of sports drink powder. 

So one morning before heading to the gym, I opened the bag and poured some powder into my water bottle. It began to fizz, which was promising, and gave off an aroma of lemon. Also promising. Yet when I brought the bottle to my lips, I realized that something was wrong. It was soapy and had a chemical taste. I looked at the package again which I thought I had scrutinized thoroughly, and realized that at the bottom in fine print it listed the brand name "Bathclin" Yes, I accidentally drank bath salts. I am an idiot. At least one sip probably won't kill me. 

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