Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Eve is going to be, like, SO much fun!

I have been blogging a lot of movie reviews lately, but not much about my shining golden nuggets of opinions that I know you have all come to know and love. If, that is, there is anyone out there in the abyss of the internet that is still reading this.

I think the two girls waiting on their "skinny, sugar-free vanilla lattes" here at my beloved Starbucks have just made my decision not to go out tomorrow night official. Side note- in all I honesty, I have recently taken a liking to just those lattes, so maybe I should not rag on them for that reason. However, I have never heard so many "likes", "OMGs" and mentions of nail polish in a single stream of words. They loudly announced to all the world their plans of suiting up in tight dresses and stilettos taller than the Empire State Building in order to go to multiple happy hours and then a couple, ya know, like, clubs or whatever. I forsee multiple drinks spilled down their fancy new dresses and skeezy old men (who will certainly be out on the prowl for New Years) hitting on them like there is no tomorrow.

I will stick to my quiet gathering among friends, thank you. Personally, I do not want to ring in the new year with creepy old men trying to grind up on me. Maybe I am crazy.

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