Friday, November 25, 2011

My Week With Marilyn

There was something lacking in this film that I have yet to pinpoint. It got rave reviews, so I went in with high hopes. During the duration of the movie, however, I felt myself waiting for something more; I found myself more and more expectant of the "wow" factor.

The premise of the film is based on a true story about a young man named Colin Clark (played by newcomer Eddie Redmayne) who becomes involved in the making of a Laurence Olivier film starring Marilyn Monroe. Of course, the two meet and the film revolved around their short "affair" which took place over the course of a week (if you had not guessed that part from the title already). 

I think the film could have been leagues better if the role of the young man were played by someone else. It's not to say that Redmayne was not talented, I just don't think he really made me "believe" his part. I guess that is not entirely his fault, as the whole idea of him falling genuinely in love with the sex idol Monroe after a couple of days seems a bit far-fetched to me. I just did not really buy it. I found myself not really caring about their little relationship. Michelle Williams did a good job with her portrayal of Marilyn, though I do not think she really represents her physically. She certainly did make me pity the late actress, however; she certainly had a tragic life.

Overall, I feel the flaws of this film stem from the true story on which it is based- I am just not sure it was movie-worthy for various reasons. I did not find it to be an extraordinary film, though at least it was not horribly drawn out and did not try to make the affair between the two main characters any more than it was, which was admirable, because it certainly could have attempted to do so.

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