Friday, February 3, 2012

Never Been Kissed

A cute movie that really makes you question the 1990s school system. Yes, I know it is a movie, but come on. For those of you who have not seen it, Drew Barrymore plays an undercover journalist disguised as a high school student and eventually ends up falling for one of the teachers. Now, the first question this begs is how exactly she was enrolled in the school. I am pretty sure that admissions employees would notice if someone at least 25 years old tried to pass as though they were 17. Even if they could not tell just by looking at her, I'd hope they would at least ask for the birth certificates of prospective students.

Even more absurd is when Drew Barrymore's older brother decides that he wants to take a page from her book and enroll as well. So, now we have an even older person pretending to be in high school and enrolling halfway through the semester to boot. I am just really concerned about the school that these two are attending at this point. I was also questioning how the entire student body did not even seem the slightest bit surprised when Drew announced to all of them that she was 25 and undercover. Granted, a couple of the students in the background of the scene seemed slightly intrigued, but I feel I can safely say that an announcement like that would cause just a bit more commotion...

The whole scenario was just awkward in general to observe. Especially when Drew Barrymore's teacher asked her to dance at the highschool prom. If you are going to be a creepy perv teacher and try to get with a student, I would hope you would not do it openly for all to see at an event like prom. Which leads me to yet another question, why does NO ONE at the prom, administrative or otherwise, notice their weird relationship going on? Like I said, that school really needs to be checked out by the board of education. Creepy stuff going on there...

How is no one questioning this??

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