Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Love for Game of Thrones

I am in awe by the increasing number of Game of Thrones references weaseling their way into my everyday conversations with everyone. And I mean, EVERYONE. It's no longer "so, anything interesting in the news these days?" but rather "did you see the new episode of GOT last night!?" (people can even abbreviate the title now, that's how popular it has become).

What a lovely show over which to bond. I've delved into in deep conversations with baristas at coffee shops, guests at the hotel, Facebook friends and acquaintances, friends, and friends of friends and even mothers of friends... maybe that is what the world needs to put all of their problems aside. Every single human being should watch Game of Thrones and then we could all have engaging conversations with each other! Boom, just solved the grand issue of world peace. On second thought, the fact that Game of Thrones is a borderline porno may not go over to well with a good portion of the world's inhabitants...

I had to laugh as yesterday was my first day of my internship, and we were waiting for someone to arrive who was coming in late, and so some of the employees decided we should do some of those horrible ice breaker activities to "get to know each other" that every single person passionately hates. Maybe those are appropriate for toddlers to elementary-aged kiddos, but I'd say the cut off for those atrocious activities should be around age 15 at the latest. We all groaned in sync at this suggestion, so just sat in silence for awhile until someone asked if any of us had seen the most recent episode of Game of Thrones. The room erupted instantaneously into boisterous conversation regarding our thoughts on the show. It seems that is the only common ground among us interns.

I mean, I have never watched something on TV that is so engaging, so shocking, so intriguing, and so suspenseful. There are so many characters and you don't know if you should love or hate them. There are some characters that you start out hating and end up loving, and vice versa. The acting is fantastic, and the shock value unparalleled. Waiting a whole week between episodes is torturous.

Well, it's good to know that if nothing else, the other interns and I share a love for Game of Thrones.

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