Monday, June 2, 2014

John Fullbright's "Songs" Far from Simple

As we watched the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2014 induction this week, my cousin and I joked amongst ourselves about how ridiculous the inductees will be in 30 plus years. Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus....all the over-hyped pop "musicians" who generally don't even write their own songs. They will stand up at the podium, far past their physical prime, and accept the awards eagerly, and everyone will applaud. Well, maybe not EVERYONE. My palms won't even come slightly close to touching.

I'm going to say here and now who SHOULD be inducted after the many years I predict his career will span-John Fullbright. I was honored enough to meet him and request that he sign his first CD after seeing him perform live, and now that I have heard the musical talent streaming forth from every second of every track on his second album, simply titled "Songs," I feel even more humbled. When his fame has truly maximized, I will be so proud to say I liked his music before it became mainstream. No adjective that exists in the English language can truly do justice as a descriptor of his voice. It is husky and honest and rips at your heart strings like cat claws rip at a scratching post. His wise words extort and wring out every emotion from your deepest core, including ones you didn't know existed.

I usually buy CDs and dislike at least a nominal amount of the tracks. Not the case with "Songs," however; I listened to every one in sequence and seemed to love each more than the last. I have no idea how a young man from Oklahoma can already orate so passionately about loneliness, loss, love, and life in general. It's as if this is already his second or third go at it. His lyrics tell stories, share wisdom, and are simultaneously bloated with optimism, pessimism, and melancholy. I can't get over his musical genius at his age, and his ability to shell out high quality songs in such a short time.

I remember how serious he looked when I met him. Onstage, I don't think I saw him smile once. On his most recent album cover, he is pictured in black and white looking pensive and lost deep in an ocean of thoughts, which seems quite fitting. I hope his career spans many decades and that he continues to demonstrate to the world his immense talents of singing, songwriting, playing piano and rocking on the guitar. This musician is one that seriously deserves your dollars, so if you are going to actually spend money on music, spend it on the young and talented Mr. Fullbright.

The closest I've seen him to smiling

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