Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Revealing" Is A Matter of Opinion

In the United States, ladies can get away with wearing almost anything, and society just shrugs and doesn't judge too heavily. Or, if they do judge, ladies don't really care and just continue wearing whatever floats their boats. In Costa Rica, conservative dressing was key. If you wore anything but pants and long skirts with shirts that had sleeves and high necklines you were gaped at and thought of as super scandalous. In India, the thought of leaving my home stay in anything that didn't cover my arms and legs never crossed my mind. It was simply not something women did.

Here in Japan, I find their opinions of what is acceptable for women to wear and what isn't very different to anything I have experienced thus far. For example, one day I wore an outfit to school that I would have never thought twice about wearing in the United States. It was a long-sleeved shirt with a v-neck. Simple, and apparently, extremely inappropriate. The second I arrived at school, a teacher gaped at me wide-eyed and she asked me if I had a sweater to cover up. Honestly, the "offensive" shirt looks something like this:

But, the teacher reacted as if I were wearing this:

However, it seems to be all about necklines here. Even if you wear a skirt as short as the one depicted above, you can get away with it, even in school, as long as your neckline is high enough. I mean, necks ARE suggestive, don't get me wrong. 

So, to summarize:
If you go to India, just cover every bit of skin you can, even in the sweltering summer heat.
In Costa Rica, dress like you are going to church at all times unless you want to be considered slutty.
In Japan, go wild with short skirts if you wish, but just make sure that neckline is high enough!
In Europe... wear whatever you want. 

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