Monday, May 14, 2012

Texting in Theaters- It's What's Next!

I read a full-page article today which informed me that many of the prominent panelists in the movie theater business (I didn't know that they had panelists at all), have decided that they want to allow patrons to text message during screenings. The first thing that popped into my head was a view which I am not alone in holding: that it would be the worst idea ever.

These oh-so-ellusive "panelists" claimed that it is simply a matter of generational differences- teenagers today cannot be parted from their dear technology, and attempting to ban them from the use of their cell phones would provoke anarchy. I mean... how DARE we even think about asking people to not send their friends a play-by-play of every scene in the movie? Can you imagine how tragic it would be if Teen A were not allowed to inform Teen B via text about the sexiness of Channing Tatum in his most recent role??

Shockingly, I feel that it IS appropriate to ask movie-goers, no matter what generation they belong to, to silence their phones and tuck them in a discreet location of their choice for approximately an hour and a half to two hours. The aforementioned panelists sharing their views in the article argued that allowing teenagers to use their phones in the theater would encourage them to spend the average $10-12 to go to the theater, but I do not see how the case. For me, I wonder why anyone would spend that kind of money if they are not going to enjoy the spectacle to the fullest. Awkwardly, the article only discussed allowing teens to use their cell phones- not adults or children. What is the cut off for texting in a theater in their eyes? I mean, 18 is technically still a "teen" number, but it is an age holding all the privelages of an adult in this country.

OMG Channing totally just showed his butt!

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