Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day Two and Still Vegan

I spent a few hours of my day talking like a stroke victim due to some dental work which required numbing and injections. I could not feel my face for much longer than I had expected, but could luckily still taste my delicious green tea Frappucino from Starbuck's.

The specifics of being a true vegan can get more complicating than the control panels at a nuclear facility. Not that I have ever seen one but I imagine that they are pretty intense, and that every button/switch on the panels can determine whether or not a nuclear disaster is unleashed upon us all. Let's just hope that the Homer Simpsons of the world are not actually employed there. Anyways, PETA has a complete list of all animal-derived ingredients that can be found on labels. Most of them are harder to pronounce than half the words in the Czech language.

I actually wanted to try out a Starbuck's smoothie today and thus conducted a Google search on whether or not it was a vegan drink. It turned out that I could not place that order to the barista since a scandal occured only a few weeks ago informing the public that this drink is not vegan. Apparently, a vegan barista for the company released the information that the company uses extract obtained by crushing female cochineal beetles to make their strawberry Frappucino and smoothies pink. Lovely. So, there went that idea. I love the green tea ones anyways. I guess this whole scandal pissed off a lot of people though, since Starbuck's was advertising their soy strawberry Fraps as vegan-friendly.

I am sure you are all just dying to know what I ate for day two!
Breakfast: 1 cup of Dulce de Leche Cheerios with 1 cup almond milk and half of a sliced banana. These Cheerios are DELICIOUS, I might add!

Lunch: 2 Morning Star brand veggie burgers topped with Cholula hot sauce and mustard, 1 large carrot and hummus.

Snack: 1 grande soy green tea Frappucino

Dinner: this was my first time trying my hand at a vegan dish from scrach, and it turned out exceptionally delicious! It was a vegan pasta with mushrooms, spinach, crushed cashews, soy sauce, nutritional yeast (which adds a cheesy flavor), paprika, soy milk, and a few other spices. It really was tasty!

I think my favorite thing so far about my newly adopted veganism is the fact that there is basically no way you can be unhealthy when following a diet like this. Even vegan "desserts" are relatively healthy. I have been researching recipes and there was one for a vegan chocolate pudding which calls for an avocado, a banana, cocoa, and a few other ingredients which I cannot recall off the top of my head. It makes it unbelievably easy. Animal products have a ton of fat/cholesterol and when they are banned from what you allow yourself to eat, it makes nutrition much easier. We will see how much longer I can keep this up, but as of now I am considering it a positive change!

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