Friday, April 6, 2012

Vegas... *sigh*...

The retelling all of the events of my trip has morphed into a more tiring endeavor than running a marathon handcuffed to a 300-pound man. I'm sure all of your interest has waned by this time anyhow and you have all moved on like young children move on from fad to fad (for those of you unfamiliar with the mannerisms of young children and/or do not remember being one yourself, this happens rather frequently). But we have made it this far, and would be total quitters to give up now. So bear with me.

After seeing all of the free nighttime shows that Vegas has to offer, we headed back to the hotel to decide how we wanted to spend our final night in Sin City. Of course, we would be leaving bright and early the next morning to head home (we're talking the plumber's crack of dawn), which put a slight damper on any hardcore plans we may have wanted to concoct for the evening. We finally decided to head to Fremont Street, which is said to be like the strip far less jacked-up on steroids (okay, maybe only I said that). What we did not know before heading there, however, was that it was country music week there and that trying to get anywhere amongst these honky-tonk fans would be like a turtle trying to swim through a tub of molasses with an anvil strapped to its shell (that guy would not win against the hare... unless I guess if the opponent hare were also in the same molasses tub. Someone should write that children's book...). So, essentially we spent about 20 minutes trapped amongst sweaty, drunk, country-loving individuals trying to move about 5 feet. Not my ideal evening. We finally made it to some part-tropical island, part-Irish themed bar (think Leprechauns in Hawaii) and spent an insane amount on one drink each while listening to the band recite a horrendous cover of Katy Perry's Firework. Then we waited far longer than we should have for the bus while listening to various drunken conversations of other people waiting at the stop and then crammed into the vehicle and returned to the hotel, very ready for sleep and somewhat over the Vegas experience.

Then we drove home. Uneventful. THE END!

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  1. I had to stay an extra 2 nights in Vegas because of a blizzard here, and it turned into 1k in blackjack winnings


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