Friday, April 13, 2012

Stripper Jokes

I am assuming that most of my readers are not too interested in my veganism, though I must say it has been going really well the past two days. Yesterday I felt more happy and energized than I have in awhile. I think it is because I upped my intake of B vitamins. Anyways, enough of my hippie-ness for now.

There are some people that just cannot take a joke, and one of those people happened to be a cashier at a shop in Flatiron's Mall yesterday. I stopped in to pick something up on my way to tutor, and I paid with a 20 and the cashier apologized as she gave me change in all 1 dollar bills. I told her it was fine, and joked that I would just look like I was a stripper for awhile. Apparently, she did not find that funny at all, and gave me a look which suggested that she was deeply offended and responded with the oh-so-intuitive comment "um... it spends the exact same." I wanted to tell her that I was very familiar with the workings of our currency, but did not really wish to further the conversation, so I just thanked her and left. Some people need their sense of humor checked. That should be a part of yearly exams at the doctor, though I am not entirely sure how it would work, because that which tickles our funny bones varies from person to person. I guess they could show a clip of a stand-up comedian who is generally accepted as comical by the average American and see if the patient laughs or not. The people who don't could be shut away to avoid awkward confrontations like that of me and the cashier lady.

The funny bone: missing in many?

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