Sunday, April 1, 2012

What Happens in Vegas...

...sometimes gets posted to my blog. Do not get too excited, though, not all of the crazy antics of three young ladies during their first trip to Sin City will end up on the net for all to see. Probably better that way, both for you, and for my hands which do not want to type out every single occurrence of the past four days.

Let me begin by saying that Mother Nature, or whoever is in charge of providing us with illnesses, is completely merciless. She knew full well that I would be departing for Las Vegas in the early hours of Wednesday morn, and yet instead of cutting me a little bit of immune slack as one would expect her to, becuase mothers are supposed to be nurturing and not vindictive, she was kind enough to bestow upon the back of my throat one of those telltale tickles which can only mean that a cold is coming on.

A few weeks ago, I spent three days among the company of family who seemingly had the flu or some form of it, and did I get sick? No. I took it easy before Vegas and tried to be healthy as the healthiest horse, got enough sleep, and did anything else that a doctor would recommend. I am baffled by the timing of this horrendous illness. It was not your average cold, mind you- it was a gross mutant cold seemingly hailing from another planet which weaked havoc on my poor little immune system leaving me with a sore throat, body aches and a cough which left me sounding like Lindsay Lohan after smoking 20 cigarettes in a row. It came on in full force during the car ride- though I was essentially fine during the first 8 hours, a tidal wave of aches overcame me for the last leg of the journey.

The drive in itself was nothing spectacular (obviously... I can't think of a scenario which would make an 11 and a half hour drive something to boast about. Maybe if you encountered a leprechaun riding a golden unicorn on the highway), but nothing horrendous either, save for the moronic truck driver who decided to attempt to pass another truck at the least opportune moment possible, thus forcing the left lane drivers to slow down to a pace which a snail would mock.

At around 4:45 after driving 11 and a half hours through four states, we saw it- Vegas, the little oasis in the desert of Nevada. Such an odd sight after hours of desert, rocks and shrubs being all that lay outside the car for so long. We arrived at our hotel, the Statosphere, waited in the registration line which dwarfed some lines at Disneyland, headed upstairs and unpacked our stuff. The room was nice, certainly no suite or anything, but decent enough to make any hostel look pathetic. We then made a couple of beverages and were off to explore the hotel. It was baffling to me that we could walk around with drinks and it was completely acceptable- I think it would have been more strange if we did not have any. After being asked by some creepy Iranian guy if we wanted to go to his hotel room and hang out with his friends (whom we shockingly rejected), we headed over to another line of people waiting to go to the observation room at the top of the Stratosphere. It certinaly was a sight to behold- a very impressive view. We then got some grub at a pizza place and headed back to the room.

Liz and I decided to try our luck on a penny slot- we were not feeling adventurous enough nor rich enough to try anything else. The look on the face of the employee when Liz asked him where we put the pennies in the machine was priceless- he acted like we were complete idiots to even think that they take coins at all. We spent far too long at those slots and did not realize at the time that you can get free drinks from the waitresses walking around the casino floor for FREE while you gamble! There's a nice tip for any of you Vegas virgins out there planning on taking a trip out in the near future. You can get any drink from them, just need to give them a tip if you feel so inclined.

See? My hand is already tired and it has only written about one day of the trip. Stay tuned!

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