Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gender Differentiated Hair Removal?

I was shopping at Target today to pick up a few last minute things for my Vegas trip (I know that you will all miss me more than a puppy with an anxiety disorder misses its owner when I am gone, try to hang in there- it is only four days). As I strolled along, I observed that the aisles containing deodorant and razors and other things of that nature are separated into two aisles based on gender. Lady Speedstick does not reside alongside her masculine counterpart, and a razor for a lady is found nowhere near those for men. I really do not think it was always this way- in the past, men and women had to shop for their hair removal and sweat stopping needs in the same place, and endure those awkward stares from each other. I believe that this change was made mainly for the benefit of the ladies- I mean, imagine if men found out that they sweat! The whole balance of heterosexual relationships which already hangs percariously by a thread would be thrown into utter anarchy!

Good thing Target had the decency to continue fooling men into thinking that women are naturally hair-free and do not spend hours plucking, tweezing, waxing, shaving, and other equally painful home treatments to continue the ruse. Then again, I guess there is a bit of embarrassment associated with a man buying wax. Actually, since I have been strategically banned from the man hair-removal aisle by Target's clever setup, I have no idea if men do wax anything, and will never really be able to find out lest I risk an awkward trip down an aisle in which I would clearly have no business whatsoever. I guess there was that one commercial for I cannot recall which product where there are two college-aged guys in a bathroom and one is waxing the other one's back. So unless the advertising industry is lying to me, I guess that happens on occasion.

Now it is only a matter of time before the Intuition razors start picketing in protest that they want equality between them and the Gilettes for men. Targets nationwide will have to shut down for weeks- imagine the chaos! Just give the Intuition what it wants and put it next to the Gilette!

What is this lady doing??

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