Tuesday, March 13, 2012

There Should Not be Songs in the Lorax...

The majority of musical numbers in Dr. Seuss' The Lorax were "slightly" painful. Not quite root canal painful, but certainlly having your teeth cleaned painful. The lyrics were childish but not creative; whoever wrote them figured that if the lines rhymed it would be acceptable in a kid's movie. That did not really work for me.

Aside from the uninspired music, I enjoyed The Lorax (which, mind you, I did not pay extra for a headache and see in 3D) despite all of the negativity from critics. The casting was perfect- in all honesty, could anyone but Danny DeVito do the voice of the Lorax? Probably not, nor could anyone but Betty White play the quirky grandmother. All of the voices were spot on, as well as the animation. The evil business man who was ruining the world by selling bottled air and keeping citizens blind to the fact that they need trees was one of the creepiest little computer generated things I had ever seen. His hair was like a Beatle's cut gone horribly wrong and his squished little face was the stuff of nightmares. You will know exactly what I mean when you see him.

The Lorax itself made surprisingly few appearances in the film, and I am not sure why. I have to admit that as a child that was not one of my go-to bedtime stories, but I had still imagined that the Lorax would have shown up more in a film named after it. I was also confused about how it was an all-magical being that did not seem to have any power in stopping the cutting down of all the trees except with his words. I suppose that is to send a message that we have to see the mistakes we are making and correct them ourselves to make a difference? Probably.

Anyways, I thought it was an enjoyable film- nice and short and good to look at. Just try not to cringe too much during the songs.

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