Friday, March 9, 2012

Having a Kid with Your Best Friend??

Sounds like a reality TV show! Or, a romantic(ish) comedy. Friends with Kids happens to be the latter, and rather successful as such. I feel like my constant entering of theaters with low expectations has been working to my advantage. I had heard rather minimal amounts about this movie so was not really planning on seeing it right away- I guess Adam Scott's appearance on the Rachel Ray show this morning to promote the film worked, since I went to see it a few hours later.

The "friends with benefits" horse has been dead and beaten so many times that no one wants to see the bloody equine mess, especially not those involved in PETA. So, I am happy that this film decided to go a different direction- two best friends who decide they want to avoid the complications that arise from being married with kids (since all of their friends' marriages become void of any romance post-pregnancy) and therefore decide to *ahem* get it on once, have a kid, and split the responsibilities in raising it while staying strictly plutonic. Of couse, as any audience used to Hollywood films knows, there will be complications. Like, Megan Fox. I do not even know if I need to say more about that.

It certainly was amusing- I mean, I can see no other outcome when you put Kristin Wiig, Maya Rudolph, John Hamm and other gut-bustingly hilarous actors in the same flick. I have to say, I was impressed with Adam Scott as well. I have not seen him in much, though I learned today that he is on the TV show Parks and Recreation, but I thought he did a great job and gave his all to the role. They also chose a cheek-pinchingly adorable kid to play their son, and that is coming from someone who essentially never gets all mushy, cutesy-wootsy over kiddie widdies.

There is not really much else I feel the need to say about this movie- it was heartfelt, honest, hilarous, and entertaining for its entire duration. There were some awkwardly graphic parts that I was not expecting, but now you can consider yourself warned and not go with your parents/grandparents/kids/awkward friends.

Also- I do not think this poster makes much sense. If you pick "love" and "kids" doesn't that sort of equal happiness? I'm not sure what mathematician worked out this equation.

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