Monday, April 2, 2012

Vegas- Day TWO!

The suspense ends here! For any of you who are reading this and have not read part one of my trip, do not be lazy, refer to my previous post to catch up to my truly loyal readers. I don't do that thing they do in TV shows where they say "previously on (insert favorite show title here)". That is not my style.

Okay, moving on. I awoke the second day feeling substantially worse than the first- the body aches took on a whole new meaning and my head was throbbing. Most people wake up in Vegas feeling this way because they downed five bottles of vodka the night before (okay, that is a slight exaggeration, I know that would send someone instatntly to have their stomach pumped if not to the Pearly Gates), not because they have been targeted by an evil illness. However, I tried harder than the little engine that could not to let it get me down. We started the day with a trip to the pool on the labyrinth that was the 8th floor which took forever to find (I half expected David Bowie to appear in a cloud of smoke before us) and just relaxed and took a little hot tub break (it was a bit too chilly to swim when we got there). Afterwards, the three of us took the monorail to the other end of the strip to start our day checking out all the shiny sights of Vegas.

Liz had checked out a library book about Vegas which she brought on the trip, and here is my second tip to anyone heading there (something which can be applied to any vacation, really)- make sure that your book is relatively recent. We awkwardly tried to go to multiple places which were shut down and got very odd looks when we asked about certain restaurants. We attempted to go to the buffet in the Luxor which the book (from 2003) recommended and apparently it has been closed for a good number of years. Whoops. We definitely thought twice before listening to it again. Disappointed and hungry, we gave in and ate at the Pyramind Cafe instead where we were greeted with slow service and a waitress who was obsessed with topping off our waters to the point where I almost suggested she see a specialist about it. I mean, this was intense- our water would be a half inch below the top which seemingly set off a mental tick for her no matter where she was in the restaurant and sent her rushing to our table to eagerly fill the glass. I suppose that is better than an unattentive water lady, however. Maybe she just wanted to keep us hydrated.

After the Luxor, we started our walk up the strip, checking out New York and Paris and constantly accomanied by the clicking sound of people hitting cards for strippers together (why do they do that?) or being pestered by offers to be put on the list for nightclubs. Some of those people were extremely rude. I could, and most likely will, rant about them for an entire post.

Okay, there is a post to tide you over. Time for me to go to dinner.  

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