Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Return to Downtown...

The rules of hospitality forced me to return to Downtown Los Angeles today while kicking and screaming. Metaphorically kicking and screaming, anyways. If I literally were kicking and screaming on the metro, security would not have looked so kindly on it and I may have been dragged away in straps. Though, that might have been better than being metaphorically dragged by a hospitality obligation to Downtown LA.

My Czech cousins, under the impression that Downtown LA and Downtown Chicago were synonymous, insisted that I take them. No one heeded my pleas and warnings ranging from "there are drug dealers around every corner" to "there really isn't much to do there." No one listened. And my roommate did not help when she said Downtown really wasn't all that bad. My ego got a nice boost when I got to dole out the "I told you so" at the end of our Downtown "adventure." Perhaps said ego boost made the trip there worth it.

After one of the longest bus rides I can recall, we arrived in the financial district. A false representation of Downtown as a whole, they reacted in the same way as when I first saw the impressive buildings. What was I going on about, they asked, when I said it was a scary place? Then they beheld the homeless people, the garbage, and the lack of ambiance surrounding places like Downtown Chicago and were then ready to throw in the towel. Their admitted defeat could not have come soon enough.

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