Monday, August 27, 2012

How Did This Happen?

I have morphed into a strange being. The kind that are the focus of fantasy novel plots. Something able to strike fear into the hearts of young children attempting to fall asleep in their dark rooms. I have become a creature more terrifying than a werewolf- something which makes the boogeyman seem like a harmless bunny. I am officially a morning person! (Insert ominous musical accompaniment here)

I can't fathom how this happened to me. Mere years ago you couldn't wake me before 10 a.m. with a hot poker. Unless of course it was during the school year in which case I would barely manage to roll out the side of my bed after hitting "snooze" countless times, only due to necessity. Yet now, I voluntarily rise between 6:30 and 7 in the morning daily. I consider sleeping until 8 lazy and almost impossible, even when I have zero tasks to complete in a given day.

I retire to read in my room for the evening around 9:30 or 10. I am prematurely old. I spend my mornings going for long runs followed by leisurely reading the paper while sipping my coffee and eating cereal. At least I read the newspaper on my iPad. That places me closer to my age group, I think.

I just can't figure out how this happened. I used to revel in the night. Staying up late was routine. Now the morning seems more enticing to me than ever. I adore running in the crisp air of a fresh day beneath the newly risen sun and a clear blue sky. Everyone seems a bit more cheerful in the morning before the stress of the day has negatively impacted their moods. When I pass by strangers, they are more likely to greet me with a wave, a smile or even a "hello" or "good morning."

This change in me, though strange, is a welcome one. I am happy to deem myself a morning person. 

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