Monday, August 20, 2012

Earthquakes and Acid Rain

What's worse than returning to Los Angeles to work and solitude after spending a weekend in San Diego lounging by the pool reading for leisure instead of for class spending your time among loving family? I can't think of anything either. Okay, maybe I am brandishing my dramatic side. But Los Angeles, a stark contrast to her slower-paced cousin San Diego, has not welcomed me. In fact, it's been nothing but bullying from the city since I arrived here a little over a month ago.

Los Angeles is abusive. She tried to drive me away with earthquakes, traffic that would provoke Ghandi to rip his hair out (oh wait, he is bald) and a conspiring, evil DMV. That is the short list. Trust me, you don't want to ask what the rest of it is. At least it is sunny. I get constant vibes that LA seriously doesn't want me here. What's next? Acid rain? Just watch it happen now that I said that.

But San Diego is a different story altogether. She welcomes me with loving arms, open roads (at least in comparison with LA gridlock, rated the worst in the nation), blue skies and of course, my home away from home with my grandparents. Over the past couple months, their home has become much more to me than just a childhood vacation spot. It is now a safe haven where I can escape from all the craziness in Los Angeles and the superficiality of many of her citizens.

San Diego would never try to drive me away. 

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