Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Authorities Searching for Joseph Dorsey, Wanted for Murder of Christine-Osborne Stewart

Police are searching for 27-year-old Joseph Dorsey after an arrest was issued against him for the murder of his 47-year-old girlfriend Christine Osborn-Stewart, according to the LA Times. Dorsey is accused of murdering Stewart and stuffing her body into a suitcase which was discovered at a motel room in Poway. In addition to a press release, various sources tweeted the story and listed Dorsey's physical appearance and where to call to report any information.

A video by a personal friend of Stewart was posted to YouTube with a plea to help find her killer.

A mydeathspace page was created for Stewart and begins with a post from when she was first reported missing, which includes a statement from her mother who says she "fears for the worst". The page also includes a link to Stewart's Facebook page, which lists her 209 friends and shows her smiling in a number of photos with friends. Her Facebook profile picture is used on the mydeathspace page and is a scandalous shot of her in a revealing outfit, on which her daughter-in-law commented "I have the hottest mother-in-law!"

There are currently no leads as to Dorsey's location, but authorities are actively investigating the crime and urge anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts to contact them immediately. Despite the press release listing Ronnie Rosas of the Perris Sheriff Station as a contact for this case, Rosas stated in a phone interview that as of Wednesday, August 15th, "the case has been taken over by Investigator Merrill of the Homicide unit," and that he is "unable to provide any updates."

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