Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bikram Casualties!

People were dropping like flies left and right in my Bikram yoga class. They insisted that the temperature was higher than the typical 105 degrees despite the instructor showed them the thermometer. They still were not convinced. I didn't know thermometers has the capability of lying.

During Bikram sessions, the instructor spews out a list of benefits our bodies experiences with each move. This list is recited with the speed of an auctioneer. Last night I likened these recitals of biological benefits to those ads for prescription drugs, but in reverse. Contrary to the yoga instructor, those ads they read a list of possible side effects so quickly you need to do a double-take. "Did he really just say my ear could fall off?" Makes you think twice about taking certain drugs.

After attending three sessions at different times during the day, one at 5:30 AM, one at 7:30 AM and one at 6:30 PM, I've been amongst quite a range of people. The highest attendance award goes to last night's 6:30 PM session. Floor space was scarce by the time I arrived, and during some poses I came dangerously close to taking out my neighbor. An extensive variety of people come to Bikram. There's always the stuck-up girl who thinks she is the cat's meow and spends the class deeply focused on showing everyone else up. I was overcome with satisfaction when she fell out of balance on a move and I was able to keep going. I am terrible.

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