Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wah, Wah Wah!

Californians complain more about the weather than anyone ever should. Considering how climate-spoiled they are, it is especially pathetic. News segment after news segment consists of weather people consoling their viewers. "Don't worry, it will cool down later." With no indication of when exactly "later" is. But it seems to do the trick. As long as they are assured it will cool down eventually and they won't wilt in the "sweltering" 85-degree weather, the drama queens of the golden coast quiet down.

You would think the sky was falling. Every mom who came in to the play gym where I work with their kids complained about something weather-related. Their beef with California's weather ranged from "It's unbearable out there!" to "this humidity is unreal!" "We just HAD to escape this dreadful weather!" I wanted to be at the helm of one of those games in arcades where you try to pluck up a stuffed animal with a mechanical arm, pick up these whiny spoiled LA moms and plop them down in a place with real climate extremes. The thought of these women in Alaska more than amuses me. Alaska or the Amazon. Or one after the other. There's a reality TV show idea! That's one show I would actually watch.

I guess people always have to complain about something....

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