Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Horse on the Highway

As an individual who commutes about an hour to an hour and a half to work and back, I am constantly listening to the traffic reports on the radio to listen to just exactly what it is that will be delaying my drive for the day. Needless to say, I have basically heard it all- multiple car crash, car fire, stalled vehicle in the center lane, you name it. Now, about a month and a half ago, I thought it was strange when they mentioned that the highways were all pretty clear, but there was an issue to report- a horse was running loose and he still needed to be rounded up. I found this strange at the time I heard it, especially because of the nonchalant tone in which this strange equine mishap was announced. However, I shook it off and forgot about it soon after hearing the report.

Now, the thing that really blows my mind is that this somehow happened AGAIN this morning, and it was announced in the same tone as if it were a routine occurrence. This raised so many questions for me- how is this the kind of thing that happens twice in about a month? Was it the same horse? If not, why do farmers have such awful fences? Now I really can say I have heard it all and can't help but wonder what is next- massive black hole sucking in the cars of the left lane? Wouldn't surprise me...

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