Friday, January 27, 2012

They know everything about us...

I'm talking about cashiers at Target, of course. I was thinking about it the other day as I was checking out- what we buy at "everything stores" basically tells them everything. If you put condoms on the conveyor, it pretty obviously indicates what you are going to be doing later. If you buy a ridiculous amount of tortilla chips and hot dogs this week it says "Super Bowl Party", an abundant amount of cat food indicates your lack of significant other, too many bottles of cough syrup says "I'm sick" or "I am going to make some illegal drugs in my basement". What we buy says absolutely everything about us. I guess even more so at book stores, however- a self-help book, a how-to book, a textbook... these things reveal a plethora of information about us.

And then when you are buying these persona-revealing products, you always have to carefully choose which checkout line you go to. For instance, a woman buying a bulk supply of tampons will likely not go to the young man resembling Brad Pitt, unless she possesses a desire to make him feel extremely uncomfortable. So I wonder if certain types of cashiers get less/more customer traffic just based on their looks. If there are 50 women buying a bulk supply of tampons in one day, the lines for the woman cashiers would be insanely long, I would think, and the young men of the world might be sent home early. Just some food for thought... hope your minds were hungry!

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