Saturday, January 21, 2012

How do you milk an almond?

So I am just going to say it... I bet all the cows in the world are pissed off. I mean, with the current almond milk craze, a little nut is trying to steal their hard-earned thunder. First it was soy milk and rice milk, and now almond milk is added to the mix. How ever will those cows manage to make it in the world now? They will  just have to hope that beef stays in good standing so they will still  be needed. Although, that is a function for which I am sure they do not want to be needed. In that case, they probably are praying for a total tofu craze to hit the US.

On another note, I am a little confused about where the "milk" in almonds comes from. As far as I can see, almonds do not have little udders. Nor do grains of rice, or soybeans for that matter. Maybe I don't want to know. The label telling me that almond milk has twice as much calcium is good enough for me. Sorry, cows, but consider me an almond milk convert.

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