Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Burren and Moher

Riding a massive bus down winding and narrow country roads causes me to be nervous enough. When the bus driver happens to be texting while driving after drinking a pint at one of our stops, I begin t fear for my life. I guess that is just the Irish way of life, however, and I made it back to Galway alive. The tour was quite enjoyable. Having done the bus tour of the Connemara area my past two visits to Ireland, I decided to change things up and tour the Burren and see the jagged Cliffs of Moher. En route to the cliffs, we had the option to stop at either an Irish family farm to take a guided walk through the Burren hills and hear about life on an Irish farm. Or, we could go to see a cave. I vouched for the first option, as the bus driver informed us that when you see one cave you have seen them all, and I have already seen a cave. I was pleased with the outcome of my decision. The young farm hand who led us around was interesting and engaging, and I learned a lot about the agricultural industry these days n Ireland as well as a lot about the rocky Burren landscape who's signature limestone hills formed over 350 million years ago. After the farm, we headed to the cliffs and were considered lucky for getting even 5 minutes of visibility. Apparently, 9 times out of 10 the fog is so dense that you can hardly see a thing.

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