Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cameron Diaz's Biceps and a Messy Story Line

These two elements essentially sum up the movie What to Expect When You're Expecting. I am not sure what my expectations were of yet another film based on a book that has no story. Previous offenders include He's Just Not That Into You. The case with Expecting, however, differs in that the plot fell flat on its face with hardly any redeeming qualities.

The trailer did exactly what it was supposed to and made me want to see the movie. I learned during the screening that every funny moment was contained in this minute-long teaser (because in all honesty that is about the length of time that the compiled comedic moments made up). The movie follows the paths of multiple couples who are all planning on becoming parents either by adoption or natural means. Every single one of these couples irritated me in one or more ways.

Cameron Diaz's character was hard to follow less so because her personality had no positive qualities and more because of Diaz's current physical appearance. A bi-product of holding the title "Derek Jeter's girlfriend" (and therefore workout buddy), her overly-toned body now is borderline to the point of screaming "I'm on steroids". Her new body builder look completely overshadowed her character's story and provided far too much distraction- like, theres a baby in there??

Worse yet were the completely unnecessary characters played by Anna Kendrick and Chace Crawford. I truly wracked my brain in hopes of an idea to surface informing me why their couple was necessary. I came up dry. I guess if their purpose was to annoy me and the audience incessantly, then goal achieved. Here's the gist of their sub-plot: girl and guy who once liked each other in highschool had some sort of uninteresting falling out. They both went into the culinary industry and have those trucks that serve unique foods along busy pedestrain areas. At one point the pretty boy makes his move and of course little miss Kendrick wound up little miss preggers.

More on my movie bashing  later!

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