Monday, June 18, 2012

NH Hotel Complaint- Part Two!

I know you have all been left in horrible suspense sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to hear what happened next in the hotel experience. Well, we should have known that something was amiss upon returning to the room to find that the maids had not only failed to leave new mini shampoos, soaps and toilet paper rolls, but had actually taken away what had remained, thus provoking yet another call to reception. Things worsened when later in the day, the phone rang in our room and at the other end was a receptionist asking what time we were going to evacuate the room as a different individual with the last name "Mostek" was expected soon. The mentality of the hotel employee here is far outside the realm of reason. Perhaps it would be understandable if our last name were "Smith" or something equally common. After many failed attempts at resolving the miscommunications on the parts of both parties, things seemed resolved for the time being. My father explained that the "other" Mosteks were in fact, non-existent, and that we had reserved the room until Wednesday. This morning, a large chunk of wood panel clearly not secured properly to its intended location above the window came careening down- likely a mishap that the management will try to charge us for. I contend that it was intentionally loosened to "take care of" the horrible, high-maintenance Americans staying in the room. The Spanish police would inquire what happened to be informed that it was simply an unfortunate accident. We will see how the rest of this stay plays out, but I am truly concerned for my safety at this point. Who knows what other "accidents" lurk about the room...

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