Sunday, July 8, 2012

Off to LA!

Who wants to hear about day one of my drive to Los Angeles?? Raise your hands if you do! Woah there eager beavers, you can put them down now. Brace yourselves- as is expected during any road trip with one's father through the southwestern states, some exciting stuff happened. My only issue stems from where to begin my epic tale. Just to be different, though it actually isn't so unheard of in modern day story telling, I'm going to begin at the end.

Pink lemonade. That is what Best Western hotels provide their guest in the lobby when they are located in Las Vegas. In hotels in parts of the world where there is not a sweltering heat that makes you feel like you need a shower when you just had one, they give you coffee. I would suggest iced coffee. But we can't always get what we want, as The Rolling Stones tell me. Though my dad and I certainly did get what we want in a hotel- it may be in Vegas, but it is far enough from the Strip that the sounds of drunkards and chiming slot machines will not impair our sleep. Air conditioning provides an escape from the 100+ degree weather, and a massive TV and clean rooms are amenities that, as a hostel frequenter, I am ecstatic about.

My alarm got my drowsy butt out of bed at 7:00, and preparations for leaving shoved sadness induced by leaving my family to a mental storage unit in my brain's attic. Yes, my brain has an attic. It's really a nice piece of real estate, you all should check out the floor plan sometime. My dad and I said our goodbyes to my mother and grandmother. We hugged, we kissed, we almost cried- it could have been an Oprah special. Then we were off. On the painful to endure spectrum, I would rate today's drive at a 3. A 1 is a nice evening out at a French bistro with your best friend, and a 10 is a root canal without novocaine. There's your point of reference. Conversation with my incredible father who agreed to drive me out to Los Angeles kept things from getting dull, but today also happened to be the day when every moronic driver came out of the woodwork to piss us off. That included, but was not limited to, truck drivers trying to pass other truck drivers, two young guys clearly en route to get their hooker fix in Vegas tailgating me and two women with the world "delishus" on their license plate driving in between two lanes.

Lunch at Subway and dinner at a surprisingly decent dinner buffet at the rather sketchy sounding Ocean Buffet provided our sustenance, Best Western our lodging, and hopefully the remaining four hours to tomorrow are just as smooth as today! Over and out, readers!

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