Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Salty Joe

Let me begin by expressing my disappointment in Trader Joe's. One of the enticing things about living in LA was the newfound ability of shopping at the market which did not exist in Boulder. One of the first things my dad and I did was take a quick shopping trip there. I wrongly assumed that all of the Trader Joe's brand items were healthy choices. Wrong. Today for lunch, I heated up one of their Asian noodle bowls which closely resmbles the brand Annie Chun's. As I was eating it, I noticed that it tasted a bit salty. As I continued the lunching process, it began to feel more than just "a little salty"- more like I was spooning the Atlantic down my throat. Yet, I supressed these thoughts assuming that Trader Joe's would never have such high sodium levels in their food. I decided to check the box anyways only to discover that I had just scarfed down 1400 mg of sodium. Enough to make any nutritionist cringe, that is a whopping 58% of your daily recommended dose. Nasty. Now time to bloat up like a balloon.

In other news, my father left today. I am now truly on my own in a big city, and it certainly feels that way. Instead of wallowing around in the apartment, I am insistant on forcing my reluctant self to get out and explore in hopes of meeting someone. Yesterday my dad and I did a little bit of exploring on campus and happened upon their impressive collection of plants in the extensive botanical gardens. We could all learn a lesson in getting along from these trees from all over the world that intermingle harmoniously. Trees from New Zealand share neighboring soil with trees from China, and Mexican cacti cozy up to American coffee trees. Some of the trunks shot up in the sky so far that it seemed they could be no younger than 300 years old. It really is paradise for any plant lover and free to wander around and gather your thoughts.

For dinner, we once again ventured to the hangout spot of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. We waltz down Rodeo Drive and felt marginally less out of place than yesterday as we planned our outfits more accordingly. Vegan food was once again a snap to find, and we dined in style at a place called Oliver's. I kept looking out the corner of my eye to see if Bruce Willis or some other celebrity would show up, but unfortunately I am still waiting for my first celebrity sighting.

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