Sunday, July 1, 2012

Steve Carell: Cradle Robber Extrordinaire

As mentioned in a previous post, movie trailers are becoming increasingly misleading. When I first saw the preview for Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, I thought there was no way that Steve Carell and Keira Knightley would be thrown together romantically. The snip-its shown with them together portrayed a father-daughter relationship: Steve Carell carrying a sleeping Keira Knightley across a threshold, Knightley telling a police officer who just pulled them over that she is trying to help Carell get to the "woman he loves" before the end of the world. Add that to the fact that Carell is 49 years old and Knightley is 27 and all signs point to innocent, friendly relationship. Well, SPOILER ALERT (seriously), they end up falling for each other.

"Confused" is more of an understatement than saying that Lady Gaga's outfits are a little odd when I try to express how I feel about certain Hollywood romantic pairings in movies. Steve Carell seems to be the worst offender. Seeking a Friend is just one example among many, another being his role opposite Ann Hathaway in Get Smart. Well, at least when he was on The Office he got together with women closer to his age. Perhaps it is some kind of denial that celebrities go through. I imagine that making the transition from playing the young leading lady/man to more age appropriate roles is just as bad as going through a mid life crisis. I woder if celebrities have multiple "mid life crises"- one when they are really hitting the downturn on the arc of life and one when they must play older characters. Botox can only stave it off for so long, Cameron Diaz- I feel like she was playing the mid-twenties hot leading role way past when she was actually in that age range.

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