Monday, July 9, 2012

Popped Collars on Santa Monica

The waiter at Da Pasquale Trattoria in Beverly Hills could not have looked any less surprised upon hearing that I was new to the area. Not sure exactly what tipped him off- my jean shorts or my casual top, but amongst the popped collared polos and business suits I eventually realized how out of place I looked. From the parking garage where every spot but ours seemed filled with Jags and Beamers to the restaurant where every patron seemed an elderly man in the dining company of a young sexy blonde, the stereotypes were overwhelmingly present.
And after the phenomenal meal and service we experienced, I could understand where those young sexy blondes were coming from. I was this close (visualize me holding my fingers about a centimeter or so apart) to throwing in the towel on any career and pulling an Anna Nicole Smith right then and there. The food was hot and scrumptious and delivered quicker than if Speedy Gonzalez had brought it himself. The waiters were charming and friendly.
Wow- a crazy wave of exhaustion just washed over me thus disabling me from finishing my tale of how I got to Los Angeles. Well, you will all just have to wait. Try not to lose sleep over it.

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